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The Social Map tool makes it easy for your community to leave spatially-based, qualitative feedback via an interactive map.

Users are asked to pinpoint their comments on the map, and can optionally view other user’s comments.

Key Features

Some of the key features in the Social Map tool allow you to:

  • Pin place comments to interactive map
  • Choose basemap style from existing services like Google, Open Street Map, Mapbox and Carto
  • Add a geo-referenced image on top of basemap to test plans
  • Add scale bar and overview map to provide detail.
  • Configure optional registration
  • Information markers allow you to highlight projects, events, landmarks, important locations, or any relevant information that helps users understand what is happening in a particular area. Users can click on markers to access more information and provide feedback through a form or by voting and rating.

View the world in 3D

Click to see view the Social Map with 3D buildings.

When to use

The Social Map is a great tool to use when:

  • you want to better understand the community’s thoughts about a specific location
  • you want to gather ideas or even issues about a geographic location
  • the prompting question or topic must do with a particular place or location
  • you are looking to categorise feedback.

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