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The News Feed tool lets you provide dynamic content updates to your participants during the lifecycle of a project. It is a powerful tool to continuously engage your audience throughout your project, keeping them involved and helping to build familiarity, buy-in and trust.

You can use the News Feed in a variety of ways, including:

  • delivering important project information
  • letting people know of a change to the project timeline (such as a delay)
  • providing reflections on a project's development and progress (when used as a project blog)
  • issuing notifications and reminders (such as when a survey is about to close)
  • reporting findings back to participants to 'close the loop'.

Your participants can also use The HiVE's 'Follow' feature to receive notification of any updates added to the feed, ensuring they never miss an important announcement. This integrated feature saves you considerable time, eliminating the need to download a subscriber list and create a separate email campaign - the platform manages this process for you.

You can style the News Feed tool in a number of ways, and control which items appear by applying a range of filters that make it possible to aggregate news items from across your site into a single feed.


Display items in an attractive, revolving 'carousel'.

Display news from around your site into a single feed. Perfect for bringing together activity on your site's homepage or a separate news page.

Capture attention by displaying items in an attractive 'card' layout.