Cleaner streets

After the resounding success of residents fighting against graffiti by participating in Graffiti Removal Day last month, we want to hear which parts of your neighbourhood are graffiti hotspots.

This information will be collected to help us address places that are regularly tagged, and help us continue our fight for cleaner streets.

We also want to know what you love about your neighbourhood and ideas you have to help keep our community a safe and pleasant place to live, work and study.

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28 August, 2018

Banh Mi addict says:

Big fan of Victoria Street in Richmond - best food!

28 August, 2018

Melbourne Tourist says:

I'm a big fan of Brunswick Street. So much culture, quirky shops and a really uniquely Melbourne vibe!

28 August, 2018

Flip Baltimora says:

My favourite street is Islington Street in Collingwood. It's quiet but some amazing things happen there!

23 November, 2017

JessicaBrown says:

Memorial Ave, Holroyd

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  1. Security at the train station #
  2. Better street lighting #
  3. More police #
  4. More activities to keep our young people busy #
  5. More employment opportunities to help stop crime #