Social Pinpoint's Form tool makes it easy for you to create anything from simple web form to dynamic interactive experiences. Choose from 3 different Form templates, 17 different question/element types, 8 preset questions, multimedia content options and add conditional logic to ask follow-up questions and create more 'conversational' forms.

Create anything from simple RSVP forms, complex Customer Satisfaction Surveys and even interactive quizzes.

Form templates


Flow immerses your users in an interactive user experience, guiding participants through the survey one question at the time. Adding content elements to the survey help you inform your audience and collect more informed feedback.


The paginated form template lets you manage large, complex surveys by organizing questions into logical groups. It will show all questions within the group at one time, allowing you to get feedback on various themes within the survey.


The Standard form template lets you build simple web forms. Use it in simple surveys, or to create RSVP or contact forms. Even better, embed survey questions in the context of content to create a more intersting and interactive experience.