This tool is available to Premium subscribers.

The Events features work similar to the Newsfeed tool, with an Events page type and an Events Feed to display your events.

Events pages display an image, venue information, a map of the location and a prominent call to action button that can be used to link to third party event management services.

The Events Feed tool allows you to display an attractive feed of events, with options to filter events by selected projects, project status or event type.

Adding an event page is much the same as creating a project sub-page or news page. When you create an event, you will be asked for a title, description, location, image, event type, start and finish date/time, venue, address, and call to action link and text.

The Events tool is integrated into the ‘Follow’ functionality for customers who have access to these features, allowing you to automatically send a notification of the new event to your project followers.

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