Collaborate with us to provide a vision for our City Plan 2030

As an inclusive and diverse community the people of Andrewsberg have a variety of different interests, needs and hopes for not only their future but the future of our city. What do you want your and our future to look like?

For 12 months we’ll be asking you to collaborate with us to build a vision that will drive our City Plan 2030. This co-created plan will drive the council's work over the next 10 years and guide budgetary spend.

Want to have your say on how your city will look when you retire, as your children grow up or as you think about settling with a family yourself. This consultation is open to everyone, all ages, all backgrounds, all cultures, all who put our city at the centre of their life for what ever reason. Check out how to get involved below.

Step up and ideate!

We are going to work hard over the next 12 months to speak to, listen to and work with as many of you that work, rest, visit and play in the city. To achieve this we are asking you to step up and help create ideas for the plan. We will help you to do this by opening up a number of different ways to participate.


  • Read the information we have here then take part in the feedback tools below including:
    • a survey
    • an ideation wall


  • Over the first 6 months of the consultation we will be using a pop-up tea & coffee van where you can come an grab a cuppa and have a chat. A number of activities will be available to enable you to share your aspirations and ideas. See the key dates listed on the right to see where you will find us.

This is stage one of three and will start on 30 November 2020 and run until 30 May 2021.

Touch base

We know that everyone likes to leave feedback in public whether online or in-person, so give us a call on 9555 6515 or email and we can send you a paper version of the survey.

City themes

As part of stage one we want you to help us explore a number of themes to help us understand what kind of future we all want. These themes were discovered through our annual community surveys held in the last three years and through online workshops held during the earlier parts of 2020 with city users who volunteered their time to help us understand the survey data and identify these themes.
Read about the themes below.

  • Our places and spaces

  • Our streets

  • Our nature

  • Our uniqueness