Andrewsberg Community Liaison Group (ACLG) will provide a forum for open dialogue between the city council and representatives of the local community, business, industry and government.

Members will consist of representatives of the Andrewsberg city community including community groups and organisations that have a strong interest in the growth and prosperity of the city.

Members of the group will be expected to contribute constructively to group discussions online creating and developing thoughts and ideas, attend at least four face to face meetings per year to aid deliberative process and share information about the city's projects and engagement activities with the broader community through their own networks.

The Groups Terms of Reference and expected principles of engagement are saved in the document library for reference and guidance.

A discussion forum has been established for the group to have a place to ask questions and share advice and insights between the face to face meetings.

Meeting discussions

A place where group members can continue to discuss topics from previous meetings.

What are the community saying?

To help aid discussions, please share what you are hearing in the community relating to our topics. Whether from social media or down the pub these insights will help our policy shaping.